Aha Tee Bio Matcha Powder 50g / AhaTee 抹茶 50g
健康的で、美味しい。 健康又伴有香气扑鼻的茶香。
Japanese green tea that is ground into powder is called "matcha". These organic green tea leaves are harvested in a special way. They are covered with dark cloths a couple of weeks before the harvest. This gives the tea plants less sunlight, which makes them more chlorophyll. Chlorophyll ensures that the leaves are greener, healthier and tastier. Matcha is indispensable in Japanese cuisine, because of the taste and color it is used for example in drinks, ice cream, mochi and cake.
Matcha powder is used as a seasoning and coloring agent for, for example, drinks, ice cream and pastry / cake.
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  • Origin: China
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