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City Fresh Frozen Lime Leaves 50g 急冻柠檬叶

Laat een of meer van deze limoenbladeren meestoven in curry's en soepen. Ze zijn ook lekker als garnering op salades of bij mosselen

lime leaves, kaffir lime leaf or djeroek poeroet. It is mainly used in Indian, Asian cuisine and especially in Thai cuisine is popular. Lemon leaves are a fresh seasoning with a lime-like taste. The leaves are dark green in color. It is not common to eat the leaves. Usually they are added in their entirety to, for example, a curry or soup and then removed again.
Frozen lime leaves are added and cooked in dishes such as curry or soup. Because of the tough structure of the leaves, it is not advisable to eat raw.
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Ingevroren Limoen Bladeren.


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