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Marukome Eki Miso Ryotei No Aji Instant Miso Soep Paste 430g / 日本即食味增汤 430克
Instant Miso soup paste is made from rice miso, bonito powder, alcohol and herbs. Instant Miso soup paste from Marukome belongs to the white miso or Shiro miso. In contrast to the red miso or Aka miso, white miso is lighter in color and more subtle in taste.
Instant Miso soup paste is a ready-made seasoning to make a miso soup or broth with noodles. Instant Miso soup matched with water. Do not co-heat too long, because the taste will quickly return. Delicious with tofu / tofu cubes, dried seaweed and dried Chinese mushroom (Shiitake).
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  • Origin: Japan
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Ingredients and Nutrition Facts


Rijstmiso (water, soja, rijst, zout), zout, suiker, gehydrolyseerd eiwit (soja), bonitopoeder, Bonito extract, fregat makreel, klep extract, alcohol, kruiden (mononatriumglutamaat, dinatriuminosinaat, dinatrium guanylaat), water.


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