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Mama Instant Fried Rice Thai Red Curry With Shrimp 80g
Deze glutenvrije jasmijnrijst met Thaise, rode curry en garnalen is gereed voor consumptie in slechts 7 minuten. Het enige dat je hoeft te doen, is kokend water toevoegen. Een lepel wordt meegeleverd.
Instant fried rice Red curry with shrimp is pre-cooked and dried rice in a bag, with aroma powder and / or herb oil. The spice mix is
Instant fried rice Thai red curry with shrimp is eaten as fried rice meal. This ready-to-eat rice is very popular because of its delicious taste and quick preparation. Add the spice mix in the bag with rice. Pour boiling water into the bag until the marked line and stir well. Then leave the bag closed and let the rice for 7 minutes.
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  • Origin: Thailand
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Ingredients and Nutrition Facts


Mama Handi Rice Instant Fried Rice Thai Red Curry With Shrimp - 42357

Mama Handi Rice Instant Gebakken Rijst Thaise Rode Curry Met Garnalen

Mama Handi Rice Arroz Frito Al Instante Curry Roja Tailandesa Con Gambas

Mama Handi Rice Instant Gebratener Reis Thailändisch Rotem Curry Mit Garnelen

Mama Handi Rice Riz Frit Instantanée Thaï Au Curry Rouge Aux Crevettes

(GB) Ingredients:

Dehydrated Jasmine Rice (76%), Soy bean Oil (4.40%), Sugar 4%, Dried shrimp (2.40%), Dried Carrot (2.40%), Salt (2%), Palm Oil (2%), Shallot (1%), Garlic (0.80%), Lemongrass (0.80%), Monosodium Glutamate (E621)(0.80%), Coconut Cream Powder (0.70%) Red Chilli (0.60%), Galingale (0.60%), Artificial Chicken Flavour (0.50%), Dried kaffir Lime Leaf (0.40%), Cream Powder (0.20%), Coriander Powder (0.20%),Kaffir Lime Leaf (0.10%), Disodium 5’-ribonucleotides (E635)(0.10%).

Allergy information: This product contains soya and shelfish.

(NL) Ingrediënten:

Gedehydrateerde Jasmine Rice (76%), Sojaolie (4,40%), Suiker 4%, Gedroogde Garnalen (2,40%), Gedroogde Wortel (2,40%), Zout (2%), Palm Olie (2%), Sjalot (1%), Knoflook, Limoengras, Smaakversterker (E635, E621), Kokosnoot Cream Poeder, Rode Chilli, Galingale, Kunstmatige Kippensmaak, Gedroogde Kaffir Limoenblad, Cream Poeder, Koriander Poeder, Kaffir Limoenblad.

Allergie-informatie: Dit product bevat soja en schaaldieren.

(ES) Ingredientes:

Arroz Jasmine Deshidratados (76%), Aceite de Soja (4,40%), Azúcar (4%) , Camarón Seco (2,40%), Raíz Seca (2,40%), Sal (2%), Aceite De Palma (2%), Chalote(1%),Ajo, Hierbas de Limón , Potenciador del Sabor (E635, E621), Polvo de Crema de Coco, Chile Rojo, Juncia, Sabor de Pollo Artificial, Seca Las Hojas de Lima Kaffir, Polvo de Crema, Cilantro en Polvo, Hojas de Lima Kaffir.

Información alérgenos : Este producto contiene soja y mariscos.

(D): Zutaten: 

Dehydrated Jasminreis (76%), Sojaöl (4,40%), Zucker (4%), Getrocknete Garnelen (2,40%), Getrocknete Wurzel (2,40%), Salz (2%), Palmöl(2%), Schalotte (1%), Knoblauch, Zitronengras, Geschmacksverstärker (E635, E621), Kokoscreme Pulver, Rote Chilli, Galgant, Künstliche Huhn Geschmack, Getrocknet Kaffernlimettenblätter, Cremepulver, Koriander Pulver, Kaffir Lime Blatt.

Allergie-Information: Dieses Produkt enthält Soja und Schalentiere.


(F) Ingrédients:

Riz Jasmin Déshydratées (76%), Huile de Soja (4,40%), Sucre 4%, Crevettes Séchées (2,40%), Racine Séchée (2,40%), Sel (2%), D'huile de Palme (2%), Échalote(1%),L'ail, Citronnelle , Exhausteur de Goût (E635, E621), Poudre de Crème de Coco,  Rouge Chili, Galanga, Saveur de Poulet Artificiel, Séchées Feuilles de Lime Kaffir, Crème en Poudre, Coriandre en Poudre, Feuille de Citron Kaffir.

Nutritional Information

  • Per 100g
  • Calories 587 kJ / 139 kcal
  • Fats 3 g
  • Carbohydrates 25 g
  • Sugars 3 g
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Protein 3 g


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