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Queen Garden Concentr. Cooking Tamarind 454g
Concentrate cooking tamarind is a liquid concentrate made from tamarind and water. Tamarind or asem is a fruit with a mild sour taste. Tamarind is widely used in Asian and African cuisine, not only because of the taste, but is also healthy. Tamarind also has a good effect on making meat more tender.
Concentrate cooking tamarind can be used everywhere. It gives a delicious mild sour taste. It can be used with simmer stews (known for curry dishes), but also as a marinade in combination with other seasonings with all sorts of meats. Tamarind makes both the taste and at the same time make the meat more tender.
  • Sku: 2760
  • Origin: Thailand
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Ingredients and Nutrition Facts


Garden Queen’s Tamarind Concentrate – 2760

Tamarinde Concentraat

Concentrado de Tamarindo

Tamarinde Konzentrat

Concentré de Tamarin

Ingredients / Ingrediënten / Ingredientes / Zutaten / Ingrédients:

(GB): Tamarind (80%), Water (20%).

(NL): Tamarinde (80%), Water (20%).

(ES): Tamarindo (80%), Agua (20%).

(D): Tamarinde (80%), Wasser (20%).

(F): Tamarin (80%), Eau (20%).

Nutritional Information

  • Per 100g
  • Calories 62 kcal / 260 kJ
  • Fats 0 g
  • Carbohydrates 14.92 g
  • Sugars 9.79 g
  • Protein 0.56 g


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