Mong Lee Shang Frozen Vegetarian Shrimp 300g万里香冻素虾
Deze vegetarische garnalen zijn gemaakt van soja, aardappelzetmeel en vezels, een goed alternatief voor vegetariërs dus.
Frozen vegetarian shrimp are imitation shrimps made from konjak powder, soy protein and fiber. Frozen vegetarian shrimp from MLS offers a nice alternative for vegetarians.
Frozen vegetarian shrimp can be prepared in a versatile way. These ready-made imitation prawns only need to be warmed up briefly, for example in a noodle soup, hotpot (Chinese fondue) or chopping vegetables. Then excellent for cold dishes.
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  • Origin: China
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Ingredients and Nutrition Facts


Vegetarian Shrimps – 9572

Vegetarische Garnalen

Camarónes Vegetarianos

Vegetarische Garnelen

Crevettes Végétariennes

(GB) Ingredients: 

Water (49.4%), Curdlan E424 (20%), Konjac Powder E425 (10%), Potato Starch (8%), Soy Protein [Non-GMO (5%)], Extract [Seaweed (5%)], Sugar (1.5%), Fiber [Wheat (0.5%)], Salt (0.5%), Colouring Agent E160c (0.1%).

Allergy information: This product contains soybean, gluten (wheat).

(NL) Ingrediënten: 

Water (49,4%), Curdlan E424 (20%), Konjakpoeder E425 (10%), Aardappelzetmeel (8%), Soja Proteïne [Niet-GGO (5%)], Extract [Zeewier (5%)], Suiker, Vezels [Tarwe], Zout, Kleurstof E160c .

Allergeen-informatie: Dit product bevat soja, gluten (tarwe).

(ES) Ingredientes: 

Agua (49,4%), Curdlan E424 (20%), Polvo de Konjac E425 (10%), Almidón de Patata (8%), Proteína de Soja [No OGM (5%)], Extracto [Alga (5%)], Azúcar, Fibra [Trigo], Sal, Colorante E160c.

Información alérgenos: Este producto contiene soja, gluten (trigo).

(D) Zutaten: 

Wasser (49,4%), Curdlan E424 (20%), Konjac Pulver E425 (10%), Kartoffelstärke (8%), Soja-Protein [Non-GVO (5%)], Extrakt [Seetang (5%)], Zucker, Faser [Weizen], Salz, Farbstoffe E160c.

Allergie-Information: Dieses Produkt enthält Soja, Gluten (Weizen).

(F) Ingrédients: 

Eau (49,4%), Curdlan E424 (20%), Poudre de Konjac E425 (10%), Fécule de Pomme de Terre (8%), Protéines de Soja [Non-OGM (5%)], Extrait [Algues (5%)], Sucre, Fibres [Blé], Sel, Colorant E160c.

Information allèrgenes: Ce produit contient du soja, gluten (blé).

Nutritional Information

  • Per 100g
  • Calories 309.6 kJ / 74 kcal
  • Fats 1.8 g
  • Carbohydrates 14.2 g
  • Sugars 1.5 g
  • Fiber 0.1 g
  • Protein 0.3 g


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