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DIY: Make Your Own Pick-Up Sticks Game

Number of players: 2-4

The challenge: who is able to pick up the most sticks without touching or moving other sticks? A simple game, yet lots of fun. And so easy to make yourself!


  • Tapes in 5 different colors

41 sticks:

  • Beginners: 25-cm bamboo sticks
  • Intermediate: 15-cm bamboo sticks
  • Advanced: tooth picks


1. Pick a size for the 41 sticks. The shorter the stick, the more challenging the game.

2. Use colored tape to create the sticks. Different colors indicate different point values:

  • 1 stick with blue tape: 20 points
  • 5 sticks with yellow tape: 10 points each
  • 5 sticks with orange tape: 5 points each
  • 15 sticks with green tape: 3 points each
  • 15 sticks with red tape: 2 points each


Take the sticks in one hand that touches the table. Release it to create a jumble. The challenge is to take one stick after another, without moving or touching other sticks. You can take a stick by using your hand or by using a stick that you picked up already. On a fault, your turn ends. Players take turns until all sticks are picked up. The player with the highest score is the winner.

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