Chinese Hot Pot

Chinese hot pot is a great way to do a get-together. Gather your family and friends at the dining table with a big pan filled with hot broth, and prepare your own noodles, vegetables, meat, seafood and tofu in the broth. It’s delicious, healthy, easy and a lot of fun! A great way to celebrate the holidays.

Hot pot tools:

  • Chinese hot pot pan  / portable induction cooker / portable gas stove and gas bottles 220g
  • Fondue nets
  • Chopsticks

Ingredients and cooking time:

  • Ready-made soup broths 
  • Enoki mushrooms – 30 seconds
  • Surimi sticks – 50-60 seconds
  • Thinly sliced beef – 1 minute
  • Thinly sliced lamb – 1 minute
  • Sliced fried tofu – 1 minute
  • Vegetables – 2 minutes
  • Tofu – 2 minutes
  • Vermicelli – 2 minutes
  • Sliced squid – 3 minutes
  • Mie – 3 minutes
  • Udon noodles – 3 minutes
  • Shirataki noodles – 3 minutes
  • Fresh taro – 5-6 minutes
  • Beef balls – 4 minutes *
  • Pork balls – 4 minutes *
  • Fish balls – 4 minutes *
  • Wan tan – 8 minutes *
  • Shui kao – 8 minutes *

* Once these ingredients float, they are ready for consumption.

Dipping sauces:

  • Soy sauce
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Hot pot dipping seasoning spicy flavours
  • Hot pot dipping seasoning original flavours
  • Bull Head barbecue sauce
  • Homemade sauces


  • Coriander
  • Spring onions
  • Sesame seeds

How to make it:

Boil water, together with the broth, in the hot pot pan. Instead of a hot pot pan, you can also use a pan on an induction cooker. It's important that the pan remains boiling hot. Add spring onions to the water. Arrange all the ingredients on different plates and put them on the dining table, together with the hot pot pan. Each guest can use a fondue net to put whatever they like in the hot broth until it’s done. Once the ingredient is done, you can dip it in a sauce, for instance chili sauce or hoisin sauce.

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Chinese Hot Pot

FLSH Chopsticks Wegwerp Eetstokjes 20 paar

Chinese Hot Pot

Do Do Fish Ball 200g

Chinese Hot Pot

Leung Tim Zeefje voor Fondue 2.5" / 火锅勺子火锅网勺2.5"

Chinese Hot Pot

Fresh Asia Sliced Lamb 400g / 香源羊肉卷 400克

Chinese Hot Pot

Fresh Asia Sliced Beef 400g / 香源牛肉卷 400克

Chinese Hot Pot

Oriental Kitchen Beef Meatballs 250g / 牛肉丸 250克

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Chinese Hot Pot

Double Pagoda Roasted Black Sesame Seed 60g / 烘烤黑芝麻

Chinese Hot Pot

Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base Plain 130g / 小肥羊火锅清汤锅底底料130g

Chinese Hot Pot

Bull Head Barbecue Sauce 127g / 牛头牌沙茶酱 127克

Chinese Hot Pot

Dondon Instant Japanese Styled Noodle 噹噹日式烏冬 3x200g

Chinese Hot Pot

Mee Chun Sesame Oil 125ml (105g) / 美珍芝麻油

Chinese Hot Pot

Old Mother Crispy Chilli in Oil 210g / 老干妈 香辣脆油辣椒 210克

Chinese Hot Pot

Mong Lee Shang Konnyaku Noodle 238g / 魔芋丝 238克

Chinese Hot Pot

PRB Superior Light Soy Sauce 150ml / 珠江桥牌生抽王酱油 150ml

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Chinese Hot Pot

Fresh Golden Mushroom (Enoki) 100g / 新鲜金针菇 100克


Chinese Hot Pot

Great Wall Tianjin Preserved Vegetable 600g 天津冬菜

Chinese Hot Pot

Dynasty Gebakken Tofu 150g / 豆腐泡 150克

Chinese Hot Pot

Tian Fu Meng De Refined Sweet Potato Vermicelli 400g / 红薯粉条 400克

Chinese Hot Pot

Dag Vers Lotus Roots Per Kg / 新鲜莲藕 每千克

Chinese Hot Pot

Do Do Crab Flavoured Sticks 250g / 多多 蟹味棒 250g

Chinese Hot Pot

Sunlee Frozen Taro (half) 500g / 急冻芋头块 500克

Chinese Hot Pot

Dag Vers Witte Radijs (Pak Loh Pat) / 白萝卜 每根

Chinese Hot Pot

Furui Dried Mushroom Slice 100g / 馥瑞香菇片 100g

Chinese Hot Pot

Lakovo Pork Balls 500g / 乐福 猪肉丸 500克

Chinese Hot Pot

Remo Elektrische Fonduepan 4.5ltr Ø30cm / Remo鸳鸯电火锅电热锅4.5升30厘米