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Nori Maki


Sushi rice and yakinori seaweed:

  • 550g Japanese sushi rice 

  • 80ml Japanese rice vinegar

  • 3 tl white sugar

  • 4 yakinori dried seaweed sheets


  • Fresh fish, e.g. salmon and tuna

  • Cucumber

  • Avocado

  • 200g surimi sticks

  • Pickled Japanese rettich (Kyushunousan)


  • Japanese soy sauce

  • Wasabi

  • 85g Japanese ginger

  • Makisu: bamboo mat for rolling sushi


Learn how to make sushi rice here!

Cut the ingredients for the filling in long, thin strips of approximately 5 mm wide. Fill a bowl with warm water and mix it with the rice vinegar by stirring. Put a nori sheet with the shiny side downward on the bamboo mat, with the short end facing your way. Wet your fingers with a bit of vinegar water, in order to prevent the rice from sticking to your fingers.

Divide part of the rice over a nori sheet; starting with the side closest to you, until about 2 cm from the opposite end. Slightly press the rice with your fingers. Wet your fingers with vinegar water again if necessary.

Put some wasabi in the middle of the sheet, from left to right, parallel to the long side of the nori sheet. Be careful not to use too much: wasabi has a very strong flavor. Use one or two sorts of filling and put these on the wasabi, in the same direction.

Keep the filling in place using your fingers. Raise the bamboo mat with your thumbs, starting with the side closest to you. Roll tightly and make it into a roll. Make sure the bamboo mat does not roll along. Next, unroll the bamboo mat, and place the sushi roll with the seam facing downward. Repeat the previous steps until you have three maki sushi rolls.

Cut off the ends of the rolls with a sharp knife. Then, cut the remaining roll in 6 to 8 equal slices. By rinsing the knife with water, you can prevent the rice from sticking to the water. Put the cut slices of maki sushi on a plate with the cut side facing upward.

Serve the sushi with a small dish of soy sauce and some wasabi depending on your preference. You can also add a small dish of pickled ginger to neutralise the flavor in-between trying different kinds of sushi. As for beverages, Japanese green tea and sake (rice wine) go really well with sushi.

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