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Preparation time: 2 hours

Number of servings: 16

Jian dui is a fried pastry made from glutinous rice flour and coated with sesame seeds. According to Chinese folklore, the rainy season before the Dragon Boat Festival is caused by holes in the sky, and jian dui can fill them. Therefore, people eat them during that period of time to stop the rain.


Custard filling:

  • 2 salted duck egg yolks
  • 50g unsalted butter
  • 50g icing sugar
  • 20g milk powder
  • 20g custard powder


  • 120g glutinous rice flour
  • 50g granulated white sugar
  • 90 ml hot water
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil
  • White sesame seeds
  • Cooking oil
  • Water

Kitchen tools:

  • Steamer


Custard filling

Take out the butter from the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature until it is soft to the touch. Meanwhile, steam the salted egg yolks for 10 minutes, then mash them into fine crumbs while they are still warm.

In a medium bowl, beat the butter until it has softened. Add the crumbed salted egg yolks as well as the remaining ingredients for the custard filling. Mix everything until you get a smooth mixture. Cover the filling and refrigerate it for about 45 minutes, until it gets firm.

Divide the filling into 16 equal portions and roll them into smooth, round balls. Refrigerate them until they are needed.


Put the glutinous rice flour in a medium bowl, and make a well on the centre of the flour. Add the sugar into the well, then pour half of the hot water onto the sugar to melt it. Stir everything until it is well combined.

Gradually add more hot water as you mix, until the dough is smooth and not too dry or too sticky. If you overpour water and the dough becomes sticky, add a little more flour to fix the consistency. Knead the oil into the dough until it is well combined. Cover the dough and let it sit for 10 to 30 minutes.

Prepare one bowl filled with water and one bowl filled with the sesame seeds.

Divide the rested dough into 16 balls. Take one of them in your hands and flatten it with your thumbs. Add the egg custard filling onto the centre of the flattened dough, then wrap it up until the filling is tightly sealed. Roll it in between your palms to make a smooth ball. Dip it into the bowl of water for one second, then transfer it into the bowl of sesame seeds to coat it. Gently press on the ball to secure the sesame seeds. Repeat these steps for the 15 other sesame balls.

Heat some cooking oil in a deep saucepan until it reaches a temperature of 180°C. Try frying a sesame ball to determine the correct cooking time (this should be less than 8 minutes). Be careful, the filling may spill out from the ball if it is overcooked. Rotate the ball frequently to obtain an even-cook. It will brown slightly once done.

Transfer it to a plate lined with paper towel. Continue frying the rest. Serve the lava sesame balls while they are still warm.

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