Chung Jung One Sesame Oil 300ml 韩国芝麻油

Sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds and widely used in many Korean side dishes, rice dishes and in dipping sauce. It adds a nutty aroma and savoury flavour. It is used for sprinkle over the food just before serving instead of adding during the cooking.


Sesame oil is used in Bibimbap, bulgogi, Japchae, and many side dishes.

  • 货号: 62855
  • 来源地方: 韓國
  • 现货

常规价格: 7.25

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Allergie Advies: Voor allergenen zie de ingredienten in het Vet.


  • 每100克所含营养成份 100g
  • 热量 3756 kJ / 897 kcal
  • 碳水化合物 0 g
  • 糖份 0 g
  • 蛋白质 0 g


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