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天妇罗 / Tempura

Tempura is a Japanese dish, where ingredients are being battered and fried. Seafood and vegetables are often used for this purpose. 

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Persons: 4 

- ½ onion, cut in 4 pieces
- 8 big raw prawns*
- ½ small green and red bell peppers, cut in lengt in four pieces
- 200 gram squid (cut in small pieces)* 
- 200 gram panga filet (cut in 4 equal pieces)*
- 1 sweet potato, slanted slices of ½ cm*
- 1 mini egg plant, slanted slices of ½ cm* 
- 4 thin slices of pumpkin* 
- 4 nori sheets of 8x3 cm (pack 26g)*
- Wheat flour* 
- 2 bowls of  tempura batter (tempura powder 500g)*
- oil*

Dipping sauce
- Tempura dip sauce (fles 200 ml)*
- 70 gram white radish, grated and well squeezed
- 2 teaspoons of grated fresh ginger*
*Available at Oriental Webshop

1. Peel off the prawns, remove the black vein, but keep the tail. Cut three slices in the stomach. Turn the prawn around and gently soften the prawn from the tail; in this way you prevent the prawns from curling up too much.

2. Now make some crosswise notches in the squid and cut into pieces of 4 by 3 cm. Place the seafood and vegetables on seperate plates, cover it with foil and put it in the refrigerator untill use.

3. Fill a pan or a wok for a third and then add the sesame oil.

4. Heat the oil up to 180 degrees (tip: put a little batter in the oil. When the batter starts to cook and rise, the oil is warm enough). Roll each ingredient through the flour before dipping it into the batter. 

5. First make the tempura batter. Mix 500 gram of tempura powder with 700 ml of cold water until everything is nicely dissolved. First dip the onion, the sweet potato and the pumpkin into the batter. Let the excess drip off and let them sink into the oil. 

6. Fry it for 2-3 minutes, or untill they are cooked and the batter is yellow gold and crispy. It must look lace-like and slightly transculent; if the batter is too thick, then add some ice water. Drain the fried snacks on kitchen paper and keep it warm in a oven while frying the egg plants, bell peppers and the nori sheets. 

7. Then make the second tempura batter and fry the seafood or fish in small portions for 2-3 minutes, untill they are cooked and the batter is yellow gold and crispy. Keep them warm in the oven. 

8. Serve the tempura with the dipping sauce, which you can season with daikon and ginger. Also serve Japanese green tea with it. 

9. Enjoy your meal! 

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