Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce (Panda) 907g / 李锦记 鲜味蚝油 907克
LKK oestersaus
Traditionally, oyster sauce from Cantonese cuisine is made by broth, pulled from oysters, as long as cooked until a thick brown sauce remains. Usually some ingredients are added, mainly for shelf life, color and texture. Nowadays, oyster sauce is partially made from oyster extract. To get a deeper color and add more flavor, for example, soy sauce is used. Oyster sauce has slightly fishy sweet taste with a hint of sea salt.
Oyster sauce is mainly used in Cantonese cuisine to flavor different dishes. Oyster sauce is an indispensable sauce. It can be applied anywhere: both as a marinade and as a wok sauce. It can be added to stir-fry dishes with vegetables, meat or fish.
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