Nissin Demae Ramen Instant Noodle Shoyu Tonkotsu Flav. 100g / 出前一丁东京酱油猪骨浓汤面 100克
Instant noodle shoyu tonkotsu a pre-cooked and dried noodle block, with flavoring powder and / or herb oil. The spice mix is ​​usually in a separate package. Instant noodle shoyu tonkotsu delicious with the taste of pork broth and soy sauce.
Instant noodle shoyu tonkotsu flav is eaten as noodle soup. This ready-to-eat noodle is very popular because of their delicious taste and quick preparation. Bring the noodles to a boil for 3 minutes. Mix the spice mix (powder) and the herbal oil in a bowl. Then add boiled water and noodles in the bowl with the flavoring herb mix.
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  • Origin: Japan
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